Netpas Estimator FAQ

Check China Territorial Waters at Option > Navigation

To calculate Port Working Days, go to "Dem/Des Calculator" in Port Rotation section.
The results will be applied to Port Working Days and Dem/Des.
You can select in check boxes to apply.
To calculate "Berth Term Charge" automatically, go to Berth Term in Cargo section.
Just by selecting BTBT term, you can calculate "Berth Term Charge"
It will be applied to "Voyage Sheet" automatically

Berth Term
Can check "Positions of Ports & Routes" in Voyage Sheet

Click "To Distance" at the bottom of Port Rotation Section or press “F10” button on the keyboards

Click “Get Distance” or press “F9” button to get distance on the Estimator.

Netpas Distance will show "Routes & Positions" of the ports automatically
Vessel History Function saves all Vessel histories including cargo, quantity, freight, port, etc.
All information will be saved automatically.
The Vessel history will be shown by clicking "History" on Vessel section

Can arrange, delete and convert to save as MS Excel file. The total allowance of line is limited up to 100.
Cargo History Function saves all Cargo histories including Vessel name, quantity, freight, ports and etc.
All information will be saved automatically.
The Vessel history will be shown by clicking "Cargo item" on Cargo section.
You can arrange, delete them and save to MS Excel format.
The total line is limited up to 100
When calculating "Loading Time" for 50,000mt of cargo on SHINC terms,"Loading Days" would be 5.
But, when calculating on the basis of Sat 5PM to Mon 8AM,
Is it going to be excluded even if the used Load Days would be more than 5 ?

In this case, your Port Working Days will be 5 days and Port Idle Days will be 1.625 days
(Sat 5PM to Mon 8AM) and more
Port Working Days will be calculated automatically
But, you need to input "1.625" for Idle Working Days manually in Port Rotation Section.
Actually, Holiday Margin in Laytime Calculator can be applied to Port Idle Day
"Auto Applying Function" is not provided for Port Idle Day,
Because users can have more Port Idle Days Factors except holidays.
However, Holiday Margin will be reflected to Demurrage and Dispatch automatically by terms.
[ Question ]
Freight Term, sometimes we use "Lump Sum Freight", Can we input "Lump Sum Freight ?

[ Answer ]
Yes, it's possible. You can input "Lump Sum Freight" in "Revenue"
[ Question ]
We are using Euro Currency to calculate Voyage. Do you support Euro in Netpas Estimator?

[ Answer ]
Netpas Estimator does not support currency exchange service in the Estimator.
If you input value in EURO, the result will be calculated into EURO. It’s simple.
[ Question ]
When working "Netpas Estimator" in local network,
Is it possible for all users to share "the same Estimation & Vessel result data" ?

[ Answer ]
Yes, it is possible to share "the same work result of Estimator" in local network.
Firstly, make a shared folder in your local network,
Go to File > Open File -> Go to File on Open Workbook winow ->Set Root Directory -> Choose the shared folder
All users can share the same data in the shared folder
You can share "Vessel List" folder with the same way.

However please be noted that it can have errors caused from unstable network environment.
Some Windows 7 have this error.
Please find solution here below.

Go to Control panel --> "Clock, Language, and Region" --> "Region and
Language" --> "Formats" --> Additional settings --> and click "Reset"

It will be OK if you run Estimator again.

This error comes from skipping to press “Enter” key, every text in the Estimator table should be inputted by pressing “Enter”. After that, Estimator realize that’s true text.

1. Delete Freight and Quantity.
2. Input Quantity again and press “Enter” key
3. Input Freight rate again and press “Enter” key

Then calculated revenue will show up in the Estimator table.
There are two ways to open the previous file saved on Estimator.
1. Start Estimator browser --> File --> Open --> choose the file.
2. Go to My Documents --> Estimator Data --> Vessel Data --> choose the file.

Once the message is shown such as “The password you supplied is not correct. Verify that the CAPS LOCK key is off and be sure to use the correct capitalization.”

Please go “View” on Estimator browser and choose “Vessel List”, then the same error message might be shown again.
Also some of saved file is abnormally displayed like below sample picture.

Then simply choose the abnormal vessel data with right mouse and click “Delete” as picture below. Please restart browser and recall the vessel list.

After taking all the describe actions above, still the unrecognized data is shown on the list, please take the action from the first once again.
No, Netpas license is user license and cannot be shared with other persons.
Commercial user is allowed to use Netpas service on 1 office PC, 1 home PC and 1 laptop in travelling.
1 hour time gap is required to sign in other PC after sign off.
You have to purchase the licenses as many as the number of users.
To set your estimator files fold, please go to,
File -> Open Workbook -> Set Root Directory
Select the fold contains your estimator files - click OK.

1. When you install Netpas Estimator 3.0 version, it asks you like the picture.

2. You should click "OK" button, if you clicked the "Cancel" button before, please restart Netpas Estimator.
The window will show up again.

3. Your vessel files are uploaded successfully.

4. If you alreay have the vessel list in Netpas cloud server, this window pops up. You can click "Ignore",
or if you want to copy again, just click "Copy" or "Copy All".

5. If you want to check your uploaded vessel file, Go to "Tools" - "Vessel Manager"

6. Also you can share the vessel list with your colleagues.

Share vessel list :
1. Please open "Tools" - "Vessel Manager".

2. If your old vessel files are not uploaded, Please click "Import Vessel File(s)".

3. Select all old vessel files and click "Open". They will be uploaded to Netpas Cloud Server.

4. Also you can share the vessel list with your colleagues.

Share vessel list :
Please click magnifier icon. Then the Laytime Calculation box will come out. After inputting values and choosing terms, you can get DEM/DES values as well as number of port stayed day and worked day at port.
Please refer to Quick Help for more detail.

Quick Help :

We provide canal passing option at Netpas Distance but still do not provide it at Netpas Estimator. Therefore, you will need to input Cape Good Hope between the “Port Name” and “Port Name” manually. We will try to include this option for your convenience.